The mental health needs of Black and Hispanic girls often go unmet. This group wraps them in support

WAUKEGAN, Ill. — On a sunny but brisk November afternoon inside Robert Abbott Middle School, six eighth grade girls quickly filed into a small but colorful classroom and seated themselves in a circle.

Yuli Paez-Naranjo, a Working on Womanhood counselor, sported a purple WOW T-shirt as she led the group in a discussion about how values can inform decisions.

“Do you ever feel like two little angels are sitting on each of your shoulders, one whispering good things to you, the other whispering bad

Why some high school grads are skipping college, learning a trade

Visitors to most Chicago public high schools are bound to encounter hallways adorned with pennants and banners sporting the names of colleges from the Ivy League to state universities.

This can make it seem that college is the postsecondary Holy Grail. But not every high school senior applies to college. Many high school graduates are interested in skilled trades like carpentry, cosmetology or welding.

Hoping to avoid soaring college costs and student debt in favor of a faster and more hands-o

Vulture hedge fund can’t stop Chicago’s media ecosystem from thriving

When Alden Global Capital bought Tribune Publishing in May 2021 and slashed Chicago Tribune newsroom staff to bare bones, few media experts and Chicago journalists were surprised.

“Years of poor management” at Tribune Publishing paved the way for Alden, said Brant Houston, professor and Knight chair in investigative and enterprise reporting at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Two and a half years after Alden’s takeover, Houston and several Chicago media heavy hitters concurred that

Chicago public schools help students build mental health coping skills

When Alex Balleza was a freshman at Mather High School during the 2019-2020 school year, she felt socially isolated.

She also was in a romantic relationship that she now calls “toxic.” Then she heard about a program at Mather called Working on Womanhood , which promised opportunities to meet other girls and talk about problems. Alex signed up.

Created by Youth Guidance by and for Black and Latina girls, WOW is a weekly in-school group to mentor and build skills in sixth- through 12th-grade gir

Profile — Shannon Davis Designs

Shannon Davis Johnston is obsessed – “No, passionate!” she laughs – about organizing interior spaces. As far back as she can recall, she wanted to be an interior designer. Her eye for design and order was evident even when she was a child: She often sketched floor plans of her clients’ homes while babysitting and spent her earnings on organizational items for her bedroom, where she regularly rearranged the furniture to better suit the space. Shannon spent Sunday nights watching ‘This Old House’